About Us

Bradburn Home provides designers and creative consumers with iconic pieces for the home, from lighting and accessories to accent furniture and wall décor. With a focus on “colorful” design, both literally and figuratively, Bradburn’s aesthetic blends a timeless sensibility with multicultural inspirations that span across the globe. We travel the world collaborating with outstanding artisans to bring you exciting accents for your home, office and special places in your life.

We call it jewelry for your home.

Focusing on quality and ingenuity, Creative Director Fran Bradburn leads the design team and spearheads product development with this mentality. She collaborates with renowned designers including Barclay Butera, Libby Langdon, and Melea Markell, who all have distinguished collections across the lighting, accessories, and accent furniture categories. The Atlanta GA-based boutique company sources materials from all over the world to produce their lighting domestically.
Our mission is to help you fall in love with your interior. We’re passionate about interior accents that elicit an emotional response and add beauty to your everyday surroundings. Our collaboration with world-class designers enables us to focus on what really counts - bringing comfort to a room with our core design elements: Color, Shape, Texture, Light, Shade, Ambiance & Uniqueness. Wherever you live and whatever your style may be, we have the solutions to create a home you’ll truly love.